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Here you are at confessingadventuretime, a.k.a. CAT. None of these confessions are mine, blah blah blah, but I do take full credit for my text posts. Such sass. Confessions are currently open.
Anonymous said: My relationship status is confused and alone, and hating it. There's a guy I met in an online RP group, we started talking in the chat room, then emailing, and somewhere along the line we became good buds. I stupidly developed a massive crush on him. He has a girlfriend, but even if he didn't , I'm not the type he goes for. He just sends mixed signals, going all '*pulls you into a hug and kisses you*' one day, then being all 'The hulk could clobber superman' and mentioning his girl the next.

The internet is a silly place to meet boys. You want a man. A man who smells like a man, not a lady. A man who will turn tickets to that thing you love into diamonds.

Anonymous said: I really like three different girls all for different reasons (None of them sexual, well none predominately sexually). One of them I know quite well,even though our personalities don't quite match, the other one I'm guaranteed to get to know better because she is in both of my band section. and the last I barely know but what interactions we did have were perfect. And now I feel like a dick for like three different girls.

Have as many crushes as you want. 1. 3. 50. You’re just not supposed to lead all of them on or anything.

Anonymous said: Im in love with this girl. Shes straight... (Im a girl) and i cant seem to get over her. Any advice?

Think about all her flaws. over. and. over. and. over.

mellokitty95 said: My last bf of over a year cheated on me with ALOT of other girls so I ended it and I was devastated, im over him now but Im findin it really hard to move on and want another boyfriend cause its really put me off boys, is it normal to be this way?

That is unfortunate and yes it is normal to feel that way.

wonkadonks said: America takes offense.

Well I’m sorry that everyone looks like bald eagles who took gym class too seriously.

heros-heart13 said: So I like my best friend and I don't want to let her know because I'm afraid she might not like me back also I don't want to ruin our friendship. But there are things she does that make it seem like she likes me back I just don't know what to do...

I heard on the radio that the best way to approach something like that is to say “Hey, I had a dream that we were dating. What do you think of that?”

Anonymous said: I had a nice relationship once, it all went well for 8 months, and then my gf went pretty cray cray in a bad way.


I’m so sorry to hear that but I loved that you used the phrase cray cray.

Anonymous said: I started to fall for this girl who is about to leave to study abroad in a couple weeks. I knew she was going to study abroad for at least a month before I started to have feelings for her, but it just happened and I couldn't stop it, and now I have these intense feelings, but she's leaving for four months, and I haven't told her anything. And I have no idea how she feels about me. I feel like it's a lose, lose situation.

Watch out for the foreign boys. If she’s going to America, you’ll have nothing to worry about (no offense America).

Anonymous said: I have never officially dated. I once had a "boyfriend" in kindergarten and that was it. I still think about him sometimes though.


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